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Drugs, Crime and Politics


Retired Law Professor Buford Terrell brings you the latest in drug war news. We now have them all in one window. Click on the arrow on the bottom right of the player for archives of past shows.

We are now live on the web streaming from the Houston Mediasource web site.

DPFT sponsors a television show on Houston Mediasource called "Drugs, Crime and Politics." 

This hour long show is broadcast in the Houston area every other Monday at 8:00pm CDT on Comcast Ch 17, Uverse, Ch 99, TV Max 95, Sudden Link 99 Phonoscope 75 and http://hmstv.org

Guests discuss their current efforts to reduce the harm done by drug abuse and also the harm caused by misguided drug laws and enforcement practices. A news segment covers the latest developments both positive and negative on the drug war front. We stress the damage caused by prohibitory laws and explore possible alternatives. We also examine the scientific facts that often contradict the widely held assumptions that seem to keep the drug war going despite its obvious failure to reduce the harm done by drug abuse over many decades.

If you would like to be a guest on our program then let us know at 713-688-6022. Among the previous guests on the show include Dr. Richard Evans, Dr. Stratton Hill, Dr. Joel Hochman, Dr. Tracy Blevins, Former Warden Richard Watkins, Former Police Officer Howard Wooldrige, Constable Victor Trevino, Attorney Barbara Ashley and many more.


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