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Foundations for Change 

The free market of ideas and limitations on centralized decision making and power are traditional American values. We need to apply those principles to drug policy. We need to energize creative competition. 

Governments are very reluctant to give up any power they have been able to amass. However, a sufficient public outcry can make that happen. Our first general suggestion is : 

Change the Centers of Power 

* Return The States To Their Traditional Role As The Laboratories Of Democracy [1] 

* Revise International Treaties [2] 

* Encourage Local Control Within the States [3] 

*  Reduce The Role Of Politicians; Have Independent Experts Plan a New Strategy [4] 

* Reduce the role of law enforcement to a supportive position with decisions related to health and other general concerns in the hands of health care professionals and other appropriate organs of authority. [5] 

* Return flexibilty in sentencing to judges and juries. [6] 

* Have Congressional committees and open hearings that include expert critics of current policy. Open debate empowers the public. [7]


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