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You Can Help 

We all have multiple interests and allot our time accordingly. Drug law reform is a low but gradually growing priority with the major parties, an arena where a push is needed and a few people can tip the balance, one in which you can make a difference. 

Participation is possible at many levels. You can choose what fits you best. 

* Become informed. 

*  Spread the word through friends, associates or letters to the editor. 

* Encourage any group you associate with to balance any pro-drug war presentation with the opportunity to hear "the other side." 

* Register with us and/or any reform group. Just your name helps support changes you believe are right. 

*   Communicate your feelings to your representatives either through a group, with a group or personally. 

* Communicate questions and suggestions to us. 

* Join us. Your membership helps us spread the word. 

* Become an activist.

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