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* Establish Realistic Goals 

Our goal is to minimize the damage done to society by drug abuse. A "Drug Free America" is not a practical goal. Faith in a "quack" cure stops practical treatment. The perfect becomes the enemy of the good. 

* Measure Policies By Results And Not By Intentions 

We are keenly aware of the danger of drugs and the devastation that drug abuse can cause. The War On Drugs has not reduced that harm. It has increased the harm. 

* Recognize The Harm Created By The War On Drugs 

In medicine, an "iatrogenic" disease is a disease caused by the treatment of another disease. The War On Drugs is iatrogenic, "The cure is worse than the disease." 

* Become Well Informed 

Recognize that since long before "Reefer Madness" our society has been saturated with fairy tales about drugs, addicts and addiction. Children will not respect those who repeat those fairy tales. Policy is unlikely to reduce the real problem if it is based on false assumptions about the nature of the problem.

* Establish Priorities 

 Focus primarily on children and not adults. 

 Focus primarily on demand and not supply. 

 Focus primarily on drug abuse and not drug use. 

 Focus primarily on actual harm done and not hypothetical harm that might occur. 

 Focus primarily on more dangerous and more addictive drugs and not on marijuana. 

 Focus on taking a first step that helps today and not on fears of hypothetical "slippery slopes." Have faith in open discussion. Have faith in the basic good sense of most Americans. 

 Focus on making the first step happen and not on negative thoughts. "Make the needle move." 

* Communicate feelings to elected representatives. 

* Join an organization you respect to help amplify your voice.


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